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Updated Trends & Designs (Daily)

We our known for our Designs and Quality workman ship around the World. The Designer has lived in New York for 15 Years. We have studio and offices in New York and Paris. So we are always updated. The V Collection are going to Provide a 5000 (+) Jewelry Designs.

Certified Gemstone & Jewelry

The V Collection proudly sell certified Gemstone Jewels, which is the guarantee of purity of Stones and Metals. All the Gemstone jewelry are Certified from Reputed lab. The buyers are 100% satisfied to purchase any kind of jewels from us.

Best Quality & Competitive Price

We challenge confidently to make the prices very low on Loose Gemstone and Jewelry as well as selling the best quality gemstone, because of our own manufacturing company called Creative Designs. Therefore, our prices are reasonable as compared to other retailers. Quality wise, we give the best products in the market. We take it as a social responsibility towards our clients to provide the quality products. In addition, if you find a better quality Gemstone Jewelry that is exactly the same specifications (cut, shape, polish, color, clarity, carat, symmetry, fluorescence etc.) and a certificate from the same laboratory. In such case we will match the price or refund the difference if you have purchased it from us. But before that you have to provide a valid quotation for the specific jewelry from a reputed retailer. Remember!! The quotation should not be more than 10 days old.

Largest Collection in Handcrafted Jewelry & Gemstone:

We have a good collection in Gemstone Jewelry as well as Precious and Semi-precious gemstone, according to their Color, Shape, Cut, Size, Weight, Clarity, etc. You can easily look for the desired piece of jewelry or gemstone by going to any category as per your need.

Shipping with Insurance:

All products are shipped safely and securely. We take great care for safely shipping till it reaches its destination. The items are packed in a special Jewelry box that is 100% travel safe because it’s sealed in a temper proof packing. The shipments of our products are completely insured till it reaches the doorstep of the receiver.

Secure & Easiest Payment Methods:

We have easiest and 100% secure payment options of shopping Credit Cards

Debit Cards



PayPal (International Buyers)

Net Banking

7 days Free Return & 100% Refund:

In case if you wish to return our Jewelry or gemstone due to any reason, you can return it at 100% refund value within 7 days. We will happily do it for you. Know about more details regarding this visit our return and refund web page.

Efficient customer care services:

The V Collection provide efficient customer care services ready to work 6 working days (Monday to Saturday) to answer all the queries of the clients or anyone visiting the site. Because we believe in 100% Satisfaction of the clients.


You can email us at hello@thevcollection.com or Contact at +91-9529777440