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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy–V Collection:             

We well understand the importance of privacy of the information. So, keeping this factor in mind V Collection secure complete confidentiality of your details regarding ID, Password, payment transaction information etc. that you have shared with us. 

Account Id/Password:

Whatever personal details like name, date of birth (DOB), e-mail address, residential address, business address, contact number etc. are recorded for registration purposes or to give your valuable feedback, contests,newsletters etc. All your details whether it is personal or non-personal will be confidential and kept secured because we are aware of all privacy methods like data encryption, message integrity, server authentication etc.

Payment Transaction Privacy:

Your payments on our website are processed by a third party who has signed anon-disclosure agreement with us. Therefore, all your details regarding payment transaction also will be 100% secured with third parties.

Web Security:

Our site has a rigid security that protects any misuse, information leak under our control, loss any data etc. Whenever you change and access your account information on our website, then your information is in our control we follow the strict security to protecting it against unauthorized access. Therefore, we have been using a secure server so as to your information remains secure.


TheVcollection.com offers the user opportunity to opt-out of receiving non-essential (promotional,marketing-related) communications from us on behalf of our partners, and from us in general by sending an email to opt-out.