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The V Collection is a market disruptor in the field of the online e-commerce for contemporary and designer fashion jewellery, we design and manufacture finely handcrafted exquisite jewellery, crushed and gold wrapped in Silver to the nuances of both uncut and precision cut of natural stones in their naturally sublime colour palettes. Our Clientele include a range of high end international boutiques and chain stores such as, Anthropologie, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sundance, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom to name a few.

It is our endeavour to bring high end designer jewellery to the affordable reach of consumers at their manufacturing prices through a digital platform.Our tireless and efficient team encompassing of some of the best jewellery designers having divine prophecies, artisans & craftsmen who since generations are crafting master pieces and business development personnel make sure that our jewellery is the trendsetter in the fashion industry. Our connoisseurs can indulge in mesmerising and eclectic variety of rings, plastron necklaces, glimmering earrings, chic bracelets, shimmering armlets, personalised and custom made jewellery.

To assist you in this mesmerising journey we have a prompt and efficacious team to provide you with the best customer support via telephonic call or message, social media, online chat, Skype sessions. Our dedicated team will be pleased to assist you should you have any queries or in selection of a jewellery design that you dreamt of. We make sure that you are pampered with an assortment of 10,000 plus, master pieces of art which are one of a kind, our designs and business objective is a perfect mélange of our motto “An exquisite look which makes you feel incredible”.

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We are a Fashion House inspired to bring you Designer Jewelry which are difficult to find. Most of the good products are Exported out of India and sold at very high prices by the stores.  Our  Brand The ‘V” Collection Jewelry and these Accessories  are sold in USA and Europe in high end  stores like Sak’sFifth Avenue, Macy’s, Nordstrom, High End Boutiques etc. We bring you these products at their Manufacturer Prices.  So you get these products at 1/3rd - 1/5th of the original price.

Our mission is to offer you Designer Products at Factory Direct Prices. You will not see this quality product in India as they are all Exported Overseas. It may have happened to you if you were in a store abroad and liked a product and when you pick it up to buy it says made in India.  “So you wonder why can’t we get these products in India or why are these products so expensive?”

So I decided to make a online website portal to offer you our Branded The “V”Collection Jewelry and Accessories at Factory Prices. We would like to provide you a choice of luxury, quality and design which is not available commonly in India.  So as this awareness and demand grows, our business and our Brand Name would grow.

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