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  1. Do I need to register to shop at theVcollection.com ?

No,you do not to open an account to shop at theVcollection.com.   However you will have to provide your name and Email address.  We will use this information to send you our exclusive offers.

  1. Will my personal details remain secure?

Yes,your all personal details related to your registration and payment details will be 100% secured with us.  It is not shared with any outside agency

  1. Is there any charges/fee for registration?

No,there is no need to pay any fee/amount for registration, it’s totally free.

  1. What should I do? If I forget my Login id & Password?

Once you have registered and have lost your password then you have to click on“Forgot password” and submit your email or login Id after that we will send you a new password.

  1. How can I change my password?

If you want to change your password due to any reason, then you can go through the edit section of My Account page.    

  1. Is there any possibility to edit my personal details like address, phone number,e-mail address?

Yes,there is the possibility to edit your personal details accordingly in the sections of My Account page.

  1. Is it possible to change my email address?

Yes,if you wish to change your email address then you can edit your email Id in the section of My Account page.

Buying online:

  1. How can I place an order online?
    Please go through the following steps one by one:
  2. How do I cancel an order after submission?
    If you have submitted an order by mistake, contact us at our Customer Service Department immediately by sending an email or calling us  at +919799299750 (9.30 am to 6.00 pm IST 6 working days) or drop a mail at cust@theVcollection.com within 48 hrs. to cancel your order.  We will try to stop the order, but remember that our order-fulfillment system is intended to get orders shipped and on their way to our customers as quickly and with efficiency as possible.If the shipping proceeds, then we will not be able to stop the order. If your order is not cancelled, then simply return it again to according to company’s return policy. Please check the company’s return policy details.
  3. What would happen if I place a duplicate order?
    If you think that you have placed a duplicate order,please contact our well experienced Customer Service team at +919799299750 (9.30 am to 6.00 pm IST 6 working days) or inform us via email at cust@theVcollection.com immediately. 
  4. Is it safe to place any order on the internet?
    Yes, at theVcollection, ordering online is 100% safe, using any of your payment card with us. We use the latest security technology and payment methods, which includes data encryption, server authentication, along with message integrity –that is like keeping your credit card, debit card and other payment card information in a bank vault.
  5. Are the prices on (theVcollection.com) flexible?
  • First of all, select your desired item, which you want to buy "Add to your Shopping Bag”.
  • Then Click on “Checkout” if in case your order is final. If not, “Continue Shopping”
  • After shopping fill your name and email address on the Checkout Screen to proceed to Billing and Shipping.
  • Fill your shipping details like shipping address, contact name, contact number, etc. and choose the Payment options.
  • Select the Payment method and then place your order.
  • Once you are done, you’ll receive a confirmation email of your order placement from us.

Although,the theVcollection listed price is final, sure you get an astonishing deal with us. At our site, we always offer to our customers the best price with the excellent quality items.  Please note we are offering you our Designer Products at the same Price we are selling to Top Overseas Stores.  So you are already getting products at 1/3 to 1/5th of Retail Value.

  1.      Can I place an order by phone?
    Surely, after selecting the desired item on our website, you can order the desired item by phone. Our customer Support executive team member will shortly help you with placing the order. You can contact us at +91 9799299750 (9.30 am to 6.00 pm IST 6 working days).

Payment Methods & Privacy:

  1. How can I make the payment for any jewelry that I ordered online through theVcollection.com?
    The theVcollection, offers you different methods for making the payments such as online net banking, debit card, credit card, and Pay pal method. Your account information will be confidential 100 % secure and we use Data Encryption technology for protecting the card information. Hence, our payment methods are totally risk free.
  2. Will there be any hidden price?
    Here you will never find any hidden prices over the product at all. The total price which we have mentioned on the specific product will be the final price.  We also don’t charge you extra for shipping.

  3. Will the costs displayed on your website subject to any kind of changes in price henceforth?
    Yes, probably it can be changed in future because it depends on the stock and market situation.But in whatever prices you have ordered/purchased with us, we will charge you the same price which was at the time of your order.

  4. How can I make payment by Credit and Debit card? Is it safe with theVcollection?
    We accept Visa card, Master card and also international card. You are required to shop with us to enter the 16 digit number along with CVV number that is featured on your card to initiate the payment. We assure you that your debit, credit and other payment card information will be 100%secure with our Data encryption technology which protects all the card details.

  5. How does the online payment method work?
    The debit or credit card and other payment card details which you provide on the payment gateway page will be authorized by the bank and debit/credit card company.Once we receive the authorization, we will finalize your order.


  1. What could be the reasons to refuse my credit card?
    There are many reasons to refuse your debit or credit card, we are mentioning below:

  • If the card number, which you have typed/filled in the tab is wrong.
  • If the card does not have sufficient credit balance remaining to pay for the order.
  • If your billing address, which you have entered in the order form does not match with the address in your debit or credit card statement.
  • If you have entered the wrong expiration date to your card.


Note: However, all statements you have followed correctly, then please contact your debit/credit card issuing bank for further clarifications.

  1. What are the debit cards and credit cards you accept and what banks would be supported under the online banking option?
    We accept credit card,debit card, international card and through Pay pal or COD also. Apart from that,you can also choose online net banking facility that is provided by the major banks in the world. To know more about our different payment option, you can go through the following page to click here payment options.

Shipping & delivery Questions:

  1. Where do you deliver in the world?
    We deliver pretty much all over the world.  For more details confirm with our customer support team by dropping a mail at(mail id)or call at 91 9799299750 (9.30 am to 6.00 pm IST 6 working days).
  2. What would happen if I am not at home, when you delivered?
    Our courier agents or your local Post Office will always drop a message or give a call to confirm that you are available at home or not. If our agent reaches your house when you are not available, then in such circumstances we will try to deliver the product to you again. Please, co-ordinate with the courier team, so that product gets delivered to you at the correct time.
  3. How many days will you take to deliver an order?
    Generally all products get shipped the next day. The delivery of the product depend son the type of product you select and where you live. It may take 3 to 5 days for Domestic customers and 15 to 20 working days to deliver the item in a safe condition to overseas countries.
  4. I am the recipient of my product, but I am not in town, will you deliver my order to my family members?
    Yes, we can deliver your product after conversion to the recipient, if the recipient says yes, in that case it is delivered to the family members. Our courier agent,then can ship to your family members with safe condition.
  5. Can I place an order for delivery to multiple addresses?
    No, an order cannot be delivered to multiple addresses, but multiple orders can be placed on multiple addresses according to you.
  6. What are your shipping charges?
    The shipping charges depend upon the specific area code.  We try to charge you minimum Shipping Charges. We have special deals with Courier companies and they give us very good rates.  We pass these savings to you.  We want you to pay minimum extra charges.Saving you money will get us more Business. Sometimes we do give promotions of Free Shipping on certain items.  The Shipping charges will be advised to you before you we process your payment. Please see our Shipping Policy.
  7. How can I track the status of my Order?
    You can track the status of your order on our website by clicking on “Track Order” after login.
  8. Who will pay charges for the return shipment?
    In such case if you are not satisfied with your purchase by any reason and you want to return the product as per our Return Policy and the buyer will have to pay the charges for the return shipment.
  9. What can I do if the Product has reached me in a damaged or defective condition?
    In case you get a package that is damaged or defective, then do not accept it and immediately inform us. If you accept the delivery and hence forward, you realized that the package is damaged or defective, please feel free to get contact us via email or phone within one day to inform us of damage. For further details go through our return policy.
  10. Will you provide me Transit insurance?
    Yes, in most of the cases we will provide transit insurance on all goods till they reach you.

Return & Refund Policy Questions:

  1. What will happen if I receive a defective or damaged item from you?
    In such case,please contact customer support team immediately by calling or emailing, along with your order number and wait for the next instructions to return a defective or damaged product. The defective/damaged item you have to send back within 7 days. 
  2. What about your return policy?
    The Vcollection offers you free 15 days return for most of the merchandise
    . Any specific return policy will be mentioned in the product specification. You can exchange product or get money back.   For More details you can visit our return policy page.
  3. How long will it take to respond my question/Queries?
    We respond to your queries within 3 working days. For instance, if you send any query to us on Saturday & Sunday that means your request will count from Monday onwards.
  4. How can I buy Jewelry, which is not listed on your website?

In such case you can email us and we will be happy to oblige.

  1. What would happen if any product that I have ordered is out of stock?

If any jewelry is out of stock, then it will be displayed with the tag of “Out of stock” in the shopping catalog. If not then you will be informed by us immediately.

  1. If my mind changes after shopping anything can I return it?
    Yes, you can return, but make sure it must be unused, not opened and packed products. For more details, please go through our returns policy.
  2. Want to return any product; what procedure do I have to follow?
    Firstly, for this you have to write an email at cust@www.thevcollection.comor call us at+91 9799299750 (9.30 am to 6.00 pm IST 6 working days), and make sure to mention in subject request for returning of the product  within 15 days from delivery of the product to your shipping address. We will do further process regarding the subject of unused condition, original packaging along with original tags and invoice. After completing this procedure when our expert finds the item in 100% original condition, then we will refund you back within 15 days. Kindly, note we’ll not entertain any request after 15 days of receipt of Jewelry by you.  For Details please go through our returns policy.


  1. How will I get my money for the products that I have returned?
    You will get your money in the same manner you have paid at the time of purchase online with us.  If it is a Debit or Credit Card it will be credited to your account.  Cash payments will be sent by checks or deposited in your account.


Jewelry& Gems Questions:


  1. Can I order customized design in jewelry?
    Yes, you can.  Since it is our own manufacturing company we are able to do customized orders. Please call our expert at the customer care department cust@www.thevcollection.com(9.30 am to 6.00 pm IST 6 working days) and they will help you.
  2. Can I get the jewelry with different gemstone or metal which you have not offered in your shopping catalog?

Yes, please email our customer care department team and we will be happy to offer you alternatives.

  1. What is the guarantee of your products?

The expensive Jewelry& Gems of theVcollection comes with a certificate of authenticity sponsored by third party Guarantee about the Quality of the products.

  1. How can I search a particular jewelry or gemstone on your website?

Easily, you can search and find out your choice of jewelry or gemstone from our inventory if available with the help of search tab, which will appear on every web page.

  1. How can I buy a ring, if I dont know the ring size?

theVcollection offers a chart for those who don’t know their ring size. Measure your finger by wrapping a thread around it. Find the length of the string that makes exactly one loop using one ruler. A reference chart is provided to determine the ring size.

  1. Will you sell authentic and certified jewelry& gemstone?
    Yes, we deal in authentic and certified jewelry.
  2. Will you provide a Certificate on jewelry,diamonds and gemstone? 
    Yes, we will provide you certificate on jewelry upon request.  TheVcollection has always dealt with quality products and genuine price with our clients.
  3. Can I re size my Ring, after purchased and shipped?
    Yes, we offer for re sizing your ring.  You have to send it within 15 days from receiving date.
  4. Can we order multiple pieces of a gemstone?

Yes! You can order in bulk or multiple quantity from the Wholesale Lots.Beside this you can also change the quantity predefined on webpage as 1, according to your choice of 2 or more.

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